Mozzie Coil Mats 5pk

Mozzie Coil Mats 5pk

Mosquito’s, Midge’s, Sandfly’s they all pack an unpleasant bite in our outdoors. Mosquito  Coils are a common way to protect the area you are in, but they can be messy, not burn consistently & hard to place so they work effectively. Mozzie Coil Mats provide a perfect solution:

Mozzie Coil Mats allow the mosquito coil to burn evenly and catch all the ash.

Mozzie Coil Mats are coated with a unique formulation of HTPE so they will not ignite or burn.

Mozzie Coil  Mats are Heat Resistant to 260 degrees celcius.

Mozzie Coil Mats can be taken and used anywhere; Camping, Boating, Caravanning, Beach Day Out & anywhere around the house and they are totally reusable.
Our mesh is used on BBQ’S, Smokers, Ovens, so it is 100% safe with mosquito coils.

Each Mat is 15cm x 15cm & comfortably fits all Mosquito Coils.

Pack includes 5 Re-usable Mozzie Coil Mats. (Coils not included)

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