BBQ EZY Black Grill Mesh & Smoker Mat 4*4mm aperture - 480GSM NonStick

BBQ EZY Black Grill Mesh & Smoker Mat 4*4mm aperture - 480GSM NonStick

BBQ EZY Grill Mesh is a Teflon coated FDA approved fibreglass Mesh. It is completely non-stick, it is reusable & washable and ideal for Smoking or Grilling. 4*4mm apertures allow smoke to easily absorb into meats. Never scrape or brush your dirty Grill bars again, simply place a sheet on top for a clean cooking surface every time.

BBQ EZY Grill Mesh is not just another non-stick cooking Mat, it is temperature resistant to 360C or 680F and can maintain a consistent heat of 260C or 500F for continual use and is USDA approved for food preparation and cooking, 

BBQ EZY Grill Mesh stops small foods like Prawns, Veggies, or Satay Sticks, falling through your Grill bars. Burnt Ends, Ribs, Wings, Bacon, Burgers, sticky marinated meats, or delicate Fish easily slide off.

BBQ EZY Grill Mesh is high tensile and flexible, perfect to wrap around & tie or skewer boned out roasts while roasting or smoking in your barbeque.

BBQ EZY Grill Mesh does not absorb flavours or odours and is perfect to maintain a Gluten Free Vegan cooking surface.  Always keep an extra Mat handy for a quick changeover for Vegetarian or Gluten Free cooking.

BBQ EZY Grill Mesh is great to use in ovens, on conveyer belts, hot-air dryers, dehydrators, air fryers, snap freezing foods, nothing sticks and it is so easy to wipe clean. If using with fatty greasy foods just hand wash, or it is safe to use in the dishwasher.

BBQ EZY Grill Mesh can be cut to size so it is fit for purpose on any size grill or oven, we have pre cut popular sizes but can also provide custom sizes upon request.